Letter From CEO

Thoughts from our leader.

As a software developer (a certified DApp developer, certified blockchain specialist, and blockchain enthusiast), I understand what is needed to produce a competent and reliable blockchain decentralized application developer. When I give presentations at many blockchain meetup events, I have a young and sometimes aspiring software developer who wants to know how to become a decentralized application developer. In other cases, they want to know how they can join a decentralized application project or find a job in the field.

Given these questions and realizing the exponential need for blockchain smart contract developers, I started DApp360 Workforce. DApp360 Workforce recognizes needs on all sides (the developers and the hiring project managers). In light of these varying needs, we have created a company here to work with you to meet your unique need.

My life was one of hard work and opportunities being resettled refugee from Africa to the United States. Here at DApp360 Workforce, we provide opportunities for those who want to work hard to achieve their dreams and passion of participating in the gradually emerging decentralized economy and civilization.

Best Regards,

Hassan Michael, Founder And CEO