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Become An Ethereum DApp Developer

Ethereum is the backbone of thousands of decentralized applications. This open-source blockchain features smart contract functionality and can be used for blockchain, crypto lending (DeFi), crypto staking, DeFi projects and Smart Contract. Ready to claim your place as an Ethereum DApp360 Workforce developer? Get started today!

Why DApp360 Workforce?

Our team is experienced and certified in blockchain decentralized application development. We are blockchain experts, enthusiasts, investors, traders, and analysts – in other words, we live and breathe DApp because we recognize the growing and virtually unlimited opportunity in crypto/blockchain.

That’s why we have immersed ourselves in decentralized application development, going beyond participating ourselves to placing proven talent, training experienced developers, and even mentoring potential developers. Cardano, Ethereum, Polkadot, and Solana are the future. Don’t you want to be part of it?

DApp360 Workforce Ethereum Training Program – What You Will Learn

Hiring a full-time DApp Developer

Program Info.

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  • Training Structure

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  • Expectations

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  • Course Curriculum

    Ethereum Training Program

    • Introduction to Blockchain As a Technology
    • Cryptography and Consensus Algorithms In-Depth
    • Design of Decentralized Applications (DApps), DAOs
    • Security and Design Fundamentals
    • Use-Case Analysis of Cutting-Edge Blockchain Solutions
    • Challenges in Blockchain, Future of Blockchain
    • Analysis and Design of Decentralized Solutions
    • Cardano Overview:
      • UTXO Concept
      • Cardano Blockchain Layers (CSL and CL)
      • Epochs and Slots
      • 3 Cardano pillars – Sustainability, Interoperability, Scalability
    • Intro to Ethereum, Ethereum Network Addresses
    • Keys Accounts, Wallets, Toolchain Installation, Review Session
    • Solidity, Solidity Hands-On Lab
    • First Look at Smart Contracts, Popular Token Standards
    • Mini Project Walkthrough – Project Allocation, Project Mentoring
    • 1 CXO Session, Project Presentation
    • Close Look at Truffle/Web3JS
    • Setting Up Private Node, Understanding Geth Better
    • Review Session, OpenZeppelin/ZeppelinOS Hands-On Lab
    • Design Patterns, Security Considerations
    • Unit Testing, Unit Testing hands-On Lab
    • Security Analysis Using Static Analyzers – Session 1 SmartCheck Security
    • Security Analysis Using Static analyzers – Session 2 MythX
    • MythX Hands-On Lab, IPFS
    • Limitations of Current Ethereum Release, Future of Ethereum
    • Full Project Walkthrough (MythX, IPFS Integration, Unit Testing (JS+SC), OpenZeppelin
    • Project Allocation, Project Mentoring, Project Presentation, CXO Session

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