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comprehensive & Job-Ready DApp training.

With all the free and paid online DApp development courses, bootcamps, and hackathons, why should qualified developers consider us for DApp development training?

DApp360 Workforce Is Setting A New Standard

Rigorous And Comprehensive Syllabus

As experienced software developers, our leadership team knows what it takes to produce a proficient and competent DApp developer. In collaboration with our highly experienced training partners, we have crafted a customized syllabus that sets the standard for becoming a competent DApp developer. Our syllabus allows students to learn the various components required to build a DApp application from conception to production, including programming language, blockchain fundamentals, smart contract language, security, deployment, auditing, etc.

Highly Experienced Training Partner

Our training partners consist of the same engineers, consultants, auditors, etc. who participated in architecting, building, and auditing some of the significant components in blockchains like Cardano, Solana, and more. These partners have decades of experience as educators teaching programming languages, spent years in blockchain development, and great techniques in simplifying complex concepts when transferring knowledge.

Live, Interactive And On-demand Approach

We realized that the interactive and on-demand learning process of many online courses are not comprehensive enough because not all students learn at the same pace or approach. Therefore, our program includes live one-on-one interaction with instructors so our educators can uniquely address the needs or problems of each applicant.

Free Scholarship Programs

The cost of each enrollee into our training program is far north of $10K USD. This cost covers the program delivery system, development training resources, instructors’ one-on-one time with enrollees, assessment, etc. DApp360 Workforce believes that successful enrollees who complete our program and are placed in a job will earn more than other DApp developers on the market.

Internship Availability

As part of the DApp360 Workforce Training Program, our team provides enrollees at the end of the program with a potential internship program. This internship program allows each enrollee to participate and interact with a Defi team building a real-world project for a respective blockchain.

Job Placement And Advisement

As part of the end-to-end training to job-placement program, the DApp360 Workforce team will help place you in a rewarding opportunity once you have successfully completed our program.

To apply for this program, please complete our pre-screening form. If you have questions, please contact us. If you are currently a developer, we look forward to hearing from you!