Who We Place

Qualified WEb3 & DApp DeveloperS

DApp360 Certified

We placed competent and passionate developers who have successfully upskilled their abilities through a comprehensive DApp developer training program. This 4-months certification program is a 25 per week full-stack hands-on training that prepares, assesses, and equips talent to be job-ready on day one. Employers can review each certified talent’s public Github repo as evidence to substantiate the competence of these talents. 

Non-DApp360 Certified

DApp360 Workplace places proficient developers who are passionate about working on blockchain applications. To ensure their passion, we recruit talents from within the specific blockchain communities – Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, etc. These talents are usually experienced DApp developers within a specific blockchain ecosystem.

Talent We Provide Includes:

  • Full-stack decentralized application developers
  • Smart contract developers
  • Blockchain developers
  • Web3 developers