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emurgo Academy

About EMURGO Academy

Being one of the founding entities of Cardano, EMURGO Academy offers tailor-made programs which foster the fundamental understanding and practical application of Cardano Blockchain. EMURGO Academy is an initiative to support EMURGO’s mission of further building the Cardano community and driving awareness. A global learning solutions company focusing on incubation, training and evangelizing Blockchain technology.

EMURGO Academy is dedicated to providing world-class education and enhancing learning from the fundamental level. Programs at EMURGO Academy are established in close connections with industry experts as well as through experts from the Cardano ecosystem.

What Makes EMURGO Academy Different?

Internationally aligned curriculum and courses for a blended learning approach

  • Synchronized Learning Platform (SLP), with features like collaborative learning, discussion forum, recorded lectures, evaluation, and screening

  • Post-training support and guidance to ensure learners stay updated with the latest version/release

  • Live projects to implement the skills learning during training programs to provide the experience of an actual working environment
    Programs designed by CTOs, CXOs, and product heads to build talent at all levels

EMURGO Academy & DApp360 Workforce

DApp 360 is proud to collaborate with EMURGO Academy, who is going to be their exclusive delivery partner to offer Cardano and Ethereum blockchain learning programs. EMURGO Academy is dedicated to ensuring that every program, down to the last detail, is taken care of – with in-depth industry inputs and an exclusive panel of knowledgeable practitioners.
EMURGO Academy has an elaborate global reach with learners from more than 18 countries across the globe. EMURGO Academy’s worldwide reach has enabled them to maintain the highest standards of delivery of programs to more than 2000 learners globally.