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The Case To Become A DApp Developer

The Case to become a DApp Developer

Decentralized applications (DApp or dApp) are vital to the evolution of blockchain as oxygen is to human life. A successful decentralized application acts as a catalyst for mass adoption and innovation of blockchain. Without useful decentralized applications (DApps), a blockchain is simply a secure, transparent, and immutable distributed ledger technology. The critical need for DApps on a blockchain inherently makes DApp developers crucial to a respective ecosystem. Like a conductor of an orchestra, DApp developers are the innovators who harmonize all the pieces in a blockchain ecosystem to produce a beautiful and valuable application for the masses. At this nascent point in the evolution of blockchain technologies, there’s never been a better time to become a decentralized application developer. Becoming a DApp developer doesn’t just offer you an excellent salary, benefits, freedom, etc.; it also gives developers the power to positively influence the world for fairness, transparency, equity, and privacy. So let’s examine who are DApp developers and why you should consider becoming one.

Who are DApp Developers?
A decentralized application (DApp) developer is a software developer or programmer with specialized skills for a respective blockchain ecosystem. Like a Swiss Army knife, a DApp developer must have extensive knowledge of the blockchain underlying blockchain protocols, smart-contract, multiple languages, crypto wallets, on-chain-off-chain code, token generation, security audit, building asset transactions, testnet tooling, mainet, etc. Coordinating these complexities to produce a value-added application makes DApp developers highly advanced. Compared to other non-blockchain developers, DApp developers have to learn a new programming paradigm in which the lifecycle of their application partially lives in two separate spaces – the decentralized and centralized infrastructure.

Why Become a DApp developer?
Let’s assume that you are currently a computer science student or a non-blockchain software developer who is a seasoned veteran with a generous employment package. Why should you consider becoming a DApp developer or upskilling your career? As a visionary, I can confidently say that DApp development is inevitable if you continue to be a software developer or programmer. Secondly, the early bird gets the best worm. I could stop there. However, as a 14-years experienced software developer, a blockchain analyst, and a blockchain community organizer, I want to provide you with objective, no-brainers information to simplify your decision. Below are a few reasons to consider becoming a DApp developer.


  • 300% – 500% Growth In demand
    Let’s start with some statistical data that provide unbelievable growth projections in demand for DApp developers. According to Global Blockchain Employment Report 2021, the global market for blockchain developers is growing between 300% – 500% yearly. This accelerated growth rate is significantly greater than the available DApp developers. Economics says that a shortage of highly in-demand services drives up prices. Becoming a DApp developer is one guaranteed way to future-proof while securing a higher salary.





  • Flexible schedule & Remote Work
    One of the many beauties of blockchain is decentralization which implies the lack of a central point of operations or concentration of power. So as a benefit, most developers working on decentralized application projects are opportunities for remote “work from anywhere.” Remote opportunities and flexibilities are the norms, not the exception, for blockchain developers. Such flexibility gives you the freedom not afforded to you by working out of a centralized office building. For example, you don’t have to waste time in traffic or spend money buying gas to get to work. You don’t have to be confounded in a tiny cubicle five days a week for 8 hours a day. You can work from the park, the beach, home, or a coffee shop. It’s your call.



  • Generous Tokenomics
    Imagine working as a software developer for Facebook before the first venture capitalist (VCs) ever purchased a single share at a rock-bottom price. This developmental stage is long before Series A, B, C, or IPO funding. Imagine this stage was the point at which Facebook awarded you shares of the company. Well, in most decentralized application projects, the development team’s tokens are allotted during the period I call the White Paper stage (ideation period). Such early-stage allotment is because decentralized application culture dictates that projects transparently provide token allocation in their white paper. This early and generous allotment is one benefit that is unique to most decentralized application projects.



  • Beautiful cutting edge technologies & interdisciplinary innovation
    Like audiences marveled at the Mona Lisa as one of the most beautiful art masterpieces, so do I when I meticulously examine a blockchain protocol’s elegance, beauty, and ingenuity. As a software developer, I have come to embrace and appreciate blockchain because it is revolutionizing some of the fundamental pillars of our current civilization. Within a blockchain software protocol are built consensus rules that integrate interdisciplinary principles of philosophy, economics, politics, governance, fairness, equity, censorship resistance, etc. Blockchain protocols form the bedrock that cradles the successive waves of applications changing the world now and in the future.


Given the inevitable and explosive growth of blockchain, it is obvious why becoming a DApp developer is an easy decision for developers. If you are a computer science student or a veteran software developer, becoming a DApp developer is a way of future-proofing your career, earning a higher salary, receiving generous crypto assets, and having a lot of workplace freedom. Most importantly, you are challenged to develop applications that meaningfully solve problems. You will be developing solutions that dictate fairness, transparency, equity, privacy, democratic governance, etc., into a broken world. Companies like mine, DApp360 Workforce, have seen the exponential need for proficient DApp developers. DApp360 Workforce created conditional scholarship and career launchpad programs to relieve the aspiring developer of the financial cost of becoming a DApp developer. DApp developers are changing the world for good while generously being rewarded.