About Us

connecting DApp Developers & employers

Who we are

DApp360 Workforce exists to solve three prevalent problems in developing decentralized applications (DApps) – crypto-assets loss due to coding vulnerabilities, poor scalability, and poor optimization of resources. For aspiring DApp developers, DApp360 Workforce is a career launchpad that rigorously trains, certifies, and job-places talents into lucrative jobs. For employers, DApp360 Workforce is a trustworthy source for proficient blockchain DApp developers who are job-ready on the first day.  

DApp360 Workforce is a privately owned limited liability corporation based in Florida, United States. The company was founded by Hassan Michael, a 14-year experienced full-stack software developer. We are a company that firmly believes that people are our most important and most valuable asset. Please allow us to prove our trustworthiness to you. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide employers with certified and highly proficient DApp developers who can 

  • mitigate crypto asset losses resulting from coding vulnerabilities,
  • boost application’s scalability with increase
  • improve optimization in decentralized applications.


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What Sets DApp360 Workforce Apart

  • One-stop shop for training, and hiring proficient DApp developers
  • Exclusive and proprietary DApp developers training curriculum 
  • A career launchpad company for developers founded and led by a developer  
  • Managed by a blockchain analyst, ambassador, enthusiasts, and meetup organizer
  • Niche Job board exclusively for connecting DApp developers and employers



DApp360 Workforce heavily invests its resources, expertise, and collaborations in training developers to acquire the necessary proficiencies that maximize their job-readiness.


We collaborate with some of the brightest blockchain software engineers, code auditors, and educators to create proprietary training programs for decentralized application (DApp) developers.


We first strive to understand the needs of our clients (talents, and hiring managers) . Then, we seek the optimal solution for all our clients because that is how we want to be treated.



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