Employer FAQs

What employers want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to you will vary based on several factors, which we would be happy to discuss, including account volume and insurance costs such as workers’ comp and medical insurance. DApp360 Workforce is committed to providing highly qualified employees to your company at a competitive price.

Our search and recruitment efforts begin immediately. DApp360 Workforce will discuss the details of the open position and your company culture and preferences with you, so we send only the most qualified applicants. By clearly understanding your needs and the requirements of the position, we can select the best candidates.

The time frame for successfully finding an employee will vary depending on our available employee base and your specific needs. We are committed to sending the most highly qualified applicants. You may choose to interview the most qualified applicants before making a decision, or we can fill a position based on the qualifications you provide.

Every applicant is reference checked based on the work history they provide. Some of our clients request a drug screen, driving record screen or criminal background check. DApp360 Workforce can provide these services and any other background or security checks you may require. These can be coordinated through our office for a fee, or you may conduct them yourself through a third-party service provider.

DApp360 Workforce specializes in decentralized applications developers in several blockchain environments, including Cardano, Ethereum, or Solana ecosystems.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our employees and feel our greatest resource is our past, present, and future employees. The screening process for our applicants allows us to best match their skills and training to each position.