Specialized Recruiters

MITIGATE the guesswork

Ensuring the right candidates

Our recruiting process combines our long crypto/blockchain sector experience with aptitude tests, AI matching, reference checking, etc., into a streamlined solution. This efficient and cost-effective solution ensures you get the right talent for your blockchain, Web3, or DApp project.

Blockchain/Crypto Specialization

“Takes one to know one.” The DApp360 team comprises developers, crypto enthusiasts, blockchain ambassadors, and more.

Cost-Effective & Efficient

Leverage our network and talent pipeline to reduce recruiting costs and find long-term qualified talent quickly.

Initial Aptitude Testing & Evaluation

We provide initial competence and aptitude testing based on the employer’s request. Reduces cost and boosts accuracy.

AI Ranking & Matchmaking ATS

We use a highly evolved artificial intelligence (AI) applicant tracking system (ATS) that prescreens, actively ranks, and finally matches talented professionals to your job