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DApps: 4 Ways to source top-tier talents for yours

DApp360 Workforce, understands sourcing top-tier talent for your DApps or Decentralized Application means staying ahead of the curve! Here are four approaches our recruiters employ to source these highly motivated individuals for our clients.

Healthy Knowledge of Blockchain Technology and its ecosystems

DApps currently fall within emerging technology, so much of what it takes to run a thriving product and service is unique. Products are marketed differently. Developer skills and tools are new and constantly evolving. A good sourcing strategy will utilize a screener with deep knowledge and passion for decentralized technology. You want your recruiter to recognize jargon used in the community; strategies unique to the space when speaking with a potential candidate. In addition, a recruiter who understands blockchain ecosystem will know where to source proficient DApp and smart contract developers, or community managers, and etc. Your screener must have a strong eye for scouting someone who understands decentralized finance should you need a DeFi lead, or other specialized skills unique to running a company building DApps.

A strong network, a strong community

Build relationship currency. Before we were a blockchain talent agency, we were simply advocates for Crypto and decentralization. This meant members of our founding teams were involved in strengthening blockchain communities. Members of our team hosted meetups; participated and continues to participate in blockchain industry events. We host discussions as moderators and take up the chance to speak on topics of value to the community. To increase the rate of meeting top-tier-talents you must be actively plugged into blockchain/Web3 communities. Attend conferences, or better yet participate in them when you can. Contribute to online forums etc.  These tactics will not only build brand recognition for your product but will get top-tier talents interested in reaching out to you.

Collaborations with educational institutions and more

Engage with virtual and local communities developing emerging talents and technology. You and your team can do this through taking part in job fairs, hosting blockchain/ AI workshops and more. You can collaborate with Colleges, Universities and non-profit institutions seeking to solve tech talent shortage. Your company can offer mentoring programs and internship, this will help you identify promising graduates and nurture their skills for future opportunities in the Web3 field.

Niche job boards and social media

Another strategy to bring top-tier talents to your DApp team is leveraging specialized job boards. You want to cast a deep net, think quality over quantity, so utilizing job platforms catering specifically to Crypto, WEB3 makes a difference. You should also invest in utilizing social media platforms where crypto enthusiasts gather. Build out your company brand on Discord, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Likewise invest time in industry-specific forums. This will make it easier to promote job openings and engage with potential candidates which includes software architects, AI engineers, software developers/engineers, and recent college graduates passionate about WEB3 technology.

In summary, sourcing top-tier talent for your DApp team takes diligence. With these four pointers,

  1. a good knowledge of blockchain and its ecosystem,
  2. a strong community and network,
  3. collaboration with universities and participation in career development program,
  4. leveraging social media and niche job boards,

you will significantly increase your chances of connecting with the right individuals who will contribute to a thriving workforce for your company.