Our Process

Interested in our DApp360 developer training/job placement program?

Here’s What You Need To Know

DApp360 Workforce’s career launchpad program consists of the following 4 steps:

Initial Assessment

Enrollment into our career launchpad program begins with an initial assessment. Our team aims to get to know the potential candidate and briefly educate them about our training program. This essential step includes pre-screening, an aptitude test, and a brief preliminary interview.

Evaluation & Screening

Enrolling in our career launchpad program is a competitive enrollment process that ultimately leads to lucrative job placement as a DApp developer. Therefore, we front-load training evaluations, candidates attributes interviews, screening, and background search.

Training & Certification

We aim to provide proficient DApp developers who can mitigate asset losses resulting from coding vulnerabilities, boost scalability, and improve optimization in DApp. Therefore, we offer rigorous and comprehensive training. Employability and job readiness are critical to our certifications.

Job Placement

Employability and job readiness are at the core of  DApp360 Certified DApp Developer training. While you are in our program, we diligently work with employers to secure a lucrative job for you. We leverage our partnerships, networks, and expertise with an opportunity to land your dream job.