Developer Buddy Program

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What Is The Developer Buddy Program?

Developer Buddy is a DApp360 Workforce’s social good program dedicated to improving the lives of aspiring developers. We implement this program by allocating a percentage of our recruiting commission to financially and educationally support aspiring developers who lacks resources to become a DApp developers.

Developer Buddy Program

How It Works

We build partnerships with blockchain hubs and communities in various countries.

Blockchain hubs and communities identify and vet talented candidates aspiring to be DApp developers, but who lack resources and support.

The DApp360 Workforce team additionally vets and evaluates selected candidates.

We add candidates’ profiles to our Developer Buddy Showcase.

When an employer hires a DApp360 Workforce DApp developer, the developer then selects a candidate from our Developer Buddy Showcase to receive free education, resources, support and attendance to a DApp developer training program.