Advice for your decentralized application developer career.

Interested In DApp And Blockchain?

Becoming a DApp developer involves an interdisciplinary skill set of several intersecting technologies. It includes blockchain, networking, UI/UX programming, and protocol integrations. An accelerated boot camp of basic courses will not adequately prepare you to be a competent developer who can command an above-average salary.

Along with the comprehensive DApp360 Workforce training, when becoming a top-notch blockchain decentralized application (DApp) developer, consider these factors to boost your confidence and proficiency:


  • Fundamentals of blockchain (principal, concept, and practices) of your desire blockchain
  • Understanding how blockchain nodes operation (set up, configuration, networking, transactions, and blocks) respective to a specific blockchain
  • Smart contract (principal and concepts)

Programming Languages

  • Smart contract language (varies from one blockchain to another and also maybe a different language from application language) example (Solidity, Plutus, etc.)
  • Application language – the language for writing your off-chain application (Haskell, JavaScript, Phyton, Rust, etc.)
  • UI/UX framework (React – in some cases, UI/UX may require a different application language)

Ecosystem And Tooling

  • Knowing the respective blockchain developer ecosystem (Stack Exchange, mockchain, mock wallet, IDE, etc.)
  • Connection to the developer community – without a reliable community, the blockchain is a dying technological masterpiece; remain connected and updated
  • Technical contribution to the developer community by helping answer other developers’ problem and questions


  • Most of the best blockchains were created to do good in the world. Why are you affiliated with a specific blockchain? Answering this question will help motivate you to be a happy developer.
  • Consider DApp’s employers who decentralize the wealth and benefits of their decentralized applications for employees and users
  • Justify socially why you are part of the DApp project. It’s not all about the money. It’s about balancing the money with your principles.

Our D360 training program can help you navigate these issues and mentor your career into one that blossoms with purpose, wealth, and fulfillment.